New Edith Piaf: this young singer has conquered the whole of France. VIDEO

Новая Эдит Пиаф: эта юная певица покорила всю Францию. ВИДЕО

The videootryvke from French TV show “Voice of France”. On the scene the beautiful blonde, she looks sophisticated and stylish.

She is wearing a tweed Trouser men’s suit and plaid cap. This is the stage of the blind auditions, so all the coaches sit, turning back to the contestant.The band starts to play the melody with the worldwide well-known song of Edith Piaf “PADAM, PADAM”. Mentors pleasantly surprised by the choice of the girl and in anticipation of listening to the voice contestants. The girl begins to sing, she has a very nice velvety tone of his voice with a slight huskiness and a great vibrato.

After the first sung notes at the same time the red button press two instructors, seated center, they seem a little unhappy, because now I have to compete and who knows, one of them will choose a talented contestant. The girl starts chorus, and here is another mentor can not withstand the onslaught and his chair turns to acting. Young Charmer is surprisingly similar, but at the same time original sings of the great artist of France. In the waiting room show cares for her loved ones, they are very proud of the girl and feel a great joy when the mentors start to turn around one by one to her.

Mentors listen attentively to the performer, listening to every sound, every note. From the jury to the scene, where is the young talent is three tracks of light with the names of the mentors. To hold the last the most persistent of mentors on his face the enjoyment of singing, however, he is in no hurry to press the button. But the song comes to an end, the last chords of the shrew… Is a mentor and do not press the button? The singer ends his singing, giving the ending all your skills and talents. Mentor gives up, he presses a button and his chair unfolds in the last seconds of the song.