New generation: Huawei is preparing to introduce a smartphone with a 3D camera

Нове покоління: Huawei готується презентувати смартфон з 3D-камерою

The camera will be able to create three-dimensional models of people and objects that can be used with augmented reality apps

Chinese company Huawei plans to introduce a new phone with a camera that can shoot a three-dimensional image.

The gadget codenamed Princeton, will be presented this month and will go on sale in a few weeks, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

This technology uses sensors developed by Sony, which can accurately measure the distance, reflecting the light from surfaces.

The Agency notes that the new feature, dubbed 3D camera, appears at a critical moment for the smartphone industry, which is facing a global decline in demand, as consumers find fewer reasons for switching to new phones. Huawei seeks to increase sales and win market share from competitors like Apple, offering users the ability to generate three-dimensional models of themselves and of the environment in real time and share them with others.

“This is technology that has never been seen before, has the potential to change how we see the world,” said Yusuke Toyoda, gauges Fuji Chimera Research Inc. in Tokyo.

According to the source, in addition to creating images that can be viewed from different angles, new camera Huawei can create three-dimensional models of people and objects that can be used with augmented reality apps. The new camera will also give developers the ability to manage applications and games in new ways, for example, gestures of the hands.

Huawei will probably be equipped with a camera of a new type of not one but several phone models, including some of those that should be in 2019.

It is also noted that for Sony, a global leader in image sensors cameras, three-dimensional cameras can help to obtain billions of additional income. At that time, as a function of face recognition FaceID is also equipped with 3D sensors that it relies on a different technology Structured Light, which can measure the depth at shorter distances. The Sony sensors can operate at greater distances.