New infected in Ukraine and “Mor” in Italy: how the coronavirus attacks the planet, the end of the day

Новые зараженные в Украине и "мор" в Италии: как коронавирус атакует планету - итоги дня

Deadly coronavirus continues to spread and kill people. Ukraine has already recorded three cases of human infection. The first infected was hospitalized to Chernivtsi in the beginning of March. About 2 new cases March 12, said the Ministry of health. Meanwhile in Italy, people continue to get infected and die – at the moment the number of victims exceeded a thousand. “Apostrophe” tells all that is known about the situation in Ukraine and other affected countries.

What is known about the three infected in Ukraine

The first case was recorded in Chernivtsi at the man, who recently returned from Italy via Romania. The border temperature screening, but elevated temperature had not been. He was diagnosed with symptoms of the coronavirus on February 28, February 29, he was hospitalized, and on March 2 ended the analysis. The man was hospitalized with fever and dry cough. Specimens are sent for confirmation to London. According to doctors, the condition of the men has improved.

3 March in Chernivtsi doctors were taken for observation, the wife of the first infected with the virus. Medical reasons for doing so was not, but the residents of the house, where she lives, staged protests.

March 12, two new cases recorded in female retirement age from Zhytomyr oblast and men of Chernivtsi region, whose wife was in Italy in the last 14 days. Patients were isolated, they are offered treatment. Also gathers information about who they contacted.

In turn, the press service of the Chernivtsi regional state administration said that the man with coronavirus infection were hospitalized on March 10.

Meanwhile, the foreign Ministry advised Ukrainians to refrain from trips in 11 countries: Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, UAE, Spain, France, Greece, China, South Korea, Japan.

The restrictions in the Parliament

Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the Verkhovna Rada has introduced restrictive measures. The decree, signed by the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov, said that until April 3, will have limited access to administrative buildings and office space BP of all persons, except for deputies, their staff is Happy, assistants-consultants of people’s deputies, who work on fixed-term contracts on an ongoing basis. This implies that journalists in the corridors of Parliament will not miss. In addition, until April 3, suspended the personal reception of citizens by deputies in the Rada.

How long can be transmitted disease

Coronavirus can be transmitted in the period up to 37 days after infection. According to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet, after studying the medical history and laboratory data of 191 patients from China, including 54 deaths, the researchers came to the conclusion that a person can be a carrier COVID-19 more months. These findings are important not only for individuals who have decided to isolate themselves, but also for guidance on duration of antiviral therapy. Now the recommended quarantine period for suspected coronavirus is 14 days.

In addition, the researchers recalled that a third of people who are ill SARS SARS, the virus remained active in the respiratory tract within 4 weeks after infection.

Mortality in Italy is off the charts

The number of deaths increased from 827 to 1016 people. The number of infected has increased to 15 of 113 people. Per day contracted 2651, 189 died.

For violation of quarantine in the country provided for fines of 200 euros or imprisonment for 3 months, if you can’t explain to a COP why you are not at home.

Italy ranks second after China (81 thousand cases of the disease) on the incidence and first in mortality. Followed by Iran (9 thousand) and South Korea (7.7 thousand). Worldwide, the virus has infected more than 121 thousand people.

Amid the spread of the virus in the country has reported that in the province of Brescia, was hospitalized in one of hospitals of Chiari Ukrainian Malyshev Raisa 1954. She worked legally and with all papers in the city Novato.

Spain under attack

During the day, the number of victims has risen to 86. The number infected increased by 782 people. The entire infected more than three thousand. Spain currently ranks third in Europe in number of patients COVID-19 after Italy and France.

In some regions, closed educational institutions, and in Madrid asking people not to leave their homes. Also was suspended for the national championship in football.

12 Mar coronavirus found in the Minister for equality, after which it was decided to send for review all the Spanish government.

The latest news from other countries

In Belarus 21 is infected with a coronavirus. Country until April 6 restricts the conduct of cultural, sporting and scientific events with international participation.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Brazil has risen to 60 people. Earlier it was reported about 37 infected. In addition, checks are currently 930 people.

Israel has recorded two new cases of coronavirus in the country, it is the tourists, who flew from Moscow.

Advisor health the government of UK believes that the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country is around 5000-10000 people.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia declared a state of emergency. The Czech Republic has decided to suspend on March 14, the issuance of Schengen visas to foreign nationals.

In Russia identified 6 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Four infected people in Moscow, one in Krasnodar region, one in Kaliningrad. The number of confirmed cases reached 34.

Another 157 new cases of infection in Germany. The total number of infected reached 2512 people. 546 today. +1 death, in the sum of 5. Berlin closes on March 14 major museums. These include the Old national gallery, Old Museum, Bode Museum, Pergamon Museum are museums in the city centre on the so-called Museum island. Also in the list included the Berlin art gallery, Museum “Hamburg station”, Museum of photography, the New national gallery.

The first death from the coronavirus was recorded in Norway.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has decided to isolate themselves and work from home, after his wife Sophie showed signs of virus disease. Trudeau’s wife was back from the UK last night started to feel “moderate flu-like symptoms including a slight fever”.