New IOS gadgets, Xiaomi has brought a long-awaited feature

Новая прошивка гаджетов Xiaomi принесла долгожданную функцию

The company Xiaomi has introduced a new line of smartphones a new technology for shooting

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new feature for their smartphones, which improves the picture quality at night. This function is a copy of the mode Night Scene Mode, which is used in smartphones Google Pixel Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. This information was confirmed by Wang Chuan, one of the leaders of Xiaomi

The novelty will be available with the next patch for MIUI 10. The list of supported devices will get Xiaomi models with the best cameras: Mix Mi 3, Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, 8 Mi EE Mi Mix 2S.

Mode Night Scene Mode from Xiaomi allows you to make really great pictures in conditions of very low light. As reported by Xiaomi co-founder Wang Chuan, soon the number of company phones that have entered the market over the past year will have that feature.

In Super mode Night Scene camera app makes eight shots with different exposures (exposure times) to get shots with the study of both the light and dark areas, and then combines them into one photo. In the result, the pictures are authentic and similar to what the human eye sees.

The first smartphone that will have the same opportunity, will be a device called the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite firmware will be released in the coming days, but only in the version for Chinese firmware, and the global will be updated only to the end of 2019. After adding such innovations to use it, will need start the Camera app and choose a special mode available.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has confirmed the release of a new flagship Redmi X and Black Shark Skywalker. These models should be the main on the market of smartphones of the company in 2019. The presentation of the flagships will be held this spring.

It is expected that Redmi X will have the Snapdragon processor 855, a good camera and relatively inexpensive price, which is consistent with the policy of the company.

Xiaomi also confirmed the release of the third game smartphone. They will model Black Shark 2 code-named Skywalker. The device will be equipped with lots of RAM, but count on a good camera is not necessary.

Новая прошивка гаджетов Xiaomi принесла долгожданную функцию

Новая прошивка гаджетов Xiaomi принесла долгожданную функцию

Новая прошивка гаджетов Xiaomi принесла долгожданную функцию