New iPhone Xr (2019) get a larger capacity battery

Новые iPhone Xr (2019) получат увеличенную емкость батареи

The Chinese company ATL (Ameperx Technology Limited) began mass production of batteries for the iPhone Xr (2019). Note, the new devices Apple will present in September, and besides the “state” will show two of the flagship.

Features of the new batteries. As reported 4PDA, new battery will have the capacity 3110 mAh vs 2942 mAh battery in the original iPhone Xr. It is noteworthy that the power element consists of a single center.

The advantage of the L-shaped battery is resistant to voltage surges, but the I-shaped battery safer and more suitable for mass production, according to some market experts.

Optimization of the OS. Thus, Apple has focused not only on optimizing its OS for longer battery life, but continues to increase overall capacity, as manufacturers of Android-devices.

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