New Land Rover Defender turned into front convertible (PHOTO)

Новый Land Rover Defender превратили в парадный кабриолет (ФОТО)

No sooner had the Land Rover to present revived the SUV Defender, as the Network has already appeared several interesting modifications render new items. This time Polish designers from X-Tomi Design has fantasized on the subject of vehicle for special army activities.

First the market will “average” the modification of the Land Rover Defender with a 110 index. After it appears shortened three-door version of the Defender 90. The British automaker has already stated that the pickup on the basis of the five-door Defender in the foreseeable future. How about a convertible?

The designers at X-Tomi Design has presented a render of the Defender 90. The car could be useful to the leader of one of the African countries to participate in military parades and solemn ceremonies. In case of rain, the convertible features a soft folding top. By the way, in the past Land Rover has released the open version of Defender with a soft top, so the revival of the model looks quite organically.

In the model lineup Land Rover a few years ago there was an open version of the SUV. But soon the model was removed from production due to low demand.