New medicine in order to revive the Russian star urgently hospitalized

Новенькое лекарство, чтобы завтра ожить - российская звезда экстренно госпитализирована

Russian singer Polina Gagarina urgently hospitalized in one of clinics. About it is the celebrity wrote on his page in Instagram and published the corresponding photos.

“Go away, the virus smelly”, – has signed a snapshot of Polina.

Fans began to write a favorite message with questions about health. Many thought that the singer was hospitalized and now she a few days will have to spend in a medical facility, but nothing happened. After the drip, the doctors sent her home, and in the evening she quietly watched the movie and talked with his family.

Note that illness star fighting for about a week. So, the other day she ventured to the painful procedure of acupuncture. Doctors insert into the body, the special metal rods, working on specific points. The procedure is quite painful and dangerous, but Pauline endured it and even joked: “How many needles do you see?”

“Who works hard, he got sick. So much to do, all stood up. Is there any new medication tomorrow to live?”, – shared with the fans of the singer.

Fans are not seriously disturbed by the state of your favorite stars. Because everyone knows that Pauline is trying to stay healthy.