New mission NASA: huge asteroid Pallas can send a probe

Новая миссия NASA: на огромный астероид Паллада могут отправить зонд

NASA plans to learn more about the large asteroid Pallas. For this I want to implement the Athena mission, sending a probe to outer body.

As writes portal the decision to send the probe will take in April.

For this we have to develop a compact experimental device that in size will resemble that of a refrigerator.

The purpose of the mission. If Athena did get in, the probe will help determine the size of the asteroid. Also, the device will be able to conduct a detailed imaging of the surface of the space object. If the decision is positive, the probe will launch in August 2022. To the asteroid station can be reached in about a year, that is already in 2023.

What is known about the asteroid Pallas? It was opened in 1802. It belongs to the main asteroid belt. Assume that its size is about 512 km in diameter. It is the second largest body in the main asteroid belt.

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