New office Poroshenko has opened in a building owned by Konstantin Grigorishin

Новый офис Порошенко открыли в здании, принадлежащем Константину Григоришину

The room is deliberately kept free for the needs of the ex-President.

After the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky may 20, 2019, are exempt from state hassle Petro Poroshenko solemnly moved to an outdoor office party BPP “Solidarity”. This ex-President was reported on the personal page in Facebook. And even showed pictures separated by glass partitions office space.

However, the transparency of the office in fact it may be slightly exaggerated. As the group of buildings, located at St. Lavra, 16, where the office Poroshenko, became a haven for masses of offshore companies, many of which are associated with businessman Konstantin Grigorishin.

And the territory of the former Shoe factory “Kyiv”, located in front of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, got into scandals. For example, in January 2017, the media got a detailed plan of development of territory of the residential complex with a total area of more than 115 thousand square meters at the same time it became known that the land is leased until 2027 of the company “Enterprise of Kyiv”, the ultimate beneficial owners of which are Maxim Markov, registered in Bulgaria, as well as Eugene Besarab.

Among the company’s shareholders, among other things, the number of AMC “Globus asset management”, owned by Swiss citizen Leonid Pivovarov – classmate Konstantin Grigorishin. By the way, it is on a par with transparent office BPP, and International Investment Bank (according to the Ministry, belongs to Poroshenko) is all on the same site of the former Shoe factory and was at St. Lavra, 16.

In turn, the “Globus asset management” in the company’s shareholders (according to the justice Ministry) was in Cyprus company “energy standard Fund limited”, the owners of which in December 2017, the High court of London found the Konstantin Grigorishin.

By the way, the ultimate beneficiary of its is also mentioned Leonid Pivovarov, Ukrainian and her office is located on the Lavra, 16. Manages Maxim Markov.

However, this is not a complete list of companies that have received registration under the same address as the transparent office Poroshenko. Here are some of them:

  • OOO “PREDPRIYATIE “Kiev” (EDRPOU 00308146).
  • JSC “Sanatorium “Golden beach” (02650593).
  • GP “Specialized foreign trade firm “Ukroboroneksport” (30021024).
  • LLC “Terra Ukraina” (33234454) – Bulgaria.
  • OOO “cher assets Fund” (34615712) – Seychelles.
  • OOO “Strategic investment management” (34615686) – Seychelles.
  • JSC “international investment Bank” (35810511).
  • Kyiv territorial organization of the party “BPP “Solidarity” (39495516).

As well as many other companies – total, according to more than 70 firms, many of which are owned by the citizens of Bulgaria, Switzerland and the Seychelles.

According to Kiev real estate, the building, which moved Petro Poroshenko, belongs to the former President. And to rent a square meters can only “own” the company. Moreover, the area in which now is “open office MFP” for a long time was empty – waited, when the “tenant” will be exempt from state Affairs.

Новый офис Порошенко открыли в здании, принадлежащем Константину Григоришину

Новый офис Порошенко открыли в здании, принадлежащем Константину Григоришину