New patents hint Vivo on the development of a smartphone with a flexible display

Новые патенты Vivo намекают на разработку смартфона с гибким дисплеем

Despite the fact that flexible smartphones entered the consumer market last year, at the moment only three companies offering this form factor in the market. They are Huawei, Samsung and Motorola. In the near future they can join another company Vivo.

Network sources were discovered fresh the company’s patents on electronic components for the foldable smartphone. In particular, we are talking about the document entitled “Display and electronic components”, which was discovered by the resource MyDrivers. In his description refers to a new technology layer for flexible display and some kind of electronic device that uses it.

The document also States that the safety display will be provided with a protective layer on klevenow basis, which will be located with the inner and outer sides of the flexible screen. The description of technology clearly indicates that the Vivo wants to find a solution to the main problems of flexible foldable screens smartphones is their increased brittleness against conventional displays.

In addition to this patent, a Chinese manufacturer has registered two documents, also regarding the display technology, electronic devices and some of its components. They basically described capable of fastening the display to the motherboard of the gadget.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether do Vivo to release its first folding smartphone or the company just adds to its already huge portfolio of patents related to the production of mobile devices.