New sanctions of the Russian Federation directly affected only 1% of Ukrainian imports from Russia

Новые санкции РФ напрямую затронут лишь 1% украинского импорта из России

Outright ban on imports of a number of Russian goods in Ukraine, introduced on Thursday, will affect about 1.2% of the goods imported out of Ukraine. It follows from the data of the Federal customs service (FCS), which studied the Agency RBC. In total exports of Russia to Ukraine at $9.5 billion by 2018, President category accounts for only $of 118.4 million

On new sanctions against Ukraine on 18 April, declared Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “A few days ago the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has taken another unfriendly step in relation to our country has expanded the list of prohibited to import into Ukraine of Russian goods. In these circumstances, we are forced to defend their interests and to take retaliatory measures,” he said.

The resolution on restrictions, which was signed by Medvedev, contains three key provisions:

The extension of the ban on the import of certain Ukrainian goods. The ban was introduced in December 2018 and raised the Ukrainian food (wheat, bread, fish, chocolate, beer, wine, etc.), equipment (gas turbines, steam boilers, diesel generators, etc.), some commodities. Import for these items at the end of 2017 amounted to $468,9 million, 10% of the total. As said on Thursday Medvedev, the new ban will affect products in the $250 million In the advanced list includes paper and cardboard, shoes, women’s clothing, pipes, ropes, fasteners, bulldozers, etc.

Ban “on exports to Ukraine of Russian oil and oil products”, as formulated by Medvedev. For the first time Russia introduces a ban on the export of its goods to Ukraine. Before that Kiev was banned Russian imports, and Moscow – Ukrainian.

Complication exports to Ukraine of certain categories of goods, including coal, gasoline and diesel fuel. Now, to supply to Ukraine, have to receive special permission from the Ministry of economic development. The new order will take effect from 1 July.

In fact, direct prohibition of supply affects the minimum volume of petroleum products, according to the journalists. Their list according to the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity selected is not the largest category. In addition, one of them (oil and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, except raw) made withdrawals of $1.98 billion On this category of exports to Ukraine amounted to last year, more than $2 billion, the prohibition applies only to deliveries, equivalent to $46 million.

In comparison with all Russian oil supplies to Ukraine export prohibited “oil” articles of 2.9%, or $118 million from $4 billion.

On the other hand, a significant portion of exports comes under administrative control. The cost of goods, deliveries to Ukraine will now have to negotiate with the Ministry of economic development, last year reached $3.9 billion, that is 41% of total exports. This volume includes major foreign trade product category as coal, coke, diesel fuel.

According to Russian experts, the decisions do not speak about the desire to block the export of Russian goods to Ukraine, but rather about creating a negotiating position for bargaining with the new Ukrainian government.