New Sanzhary and coronavirus from China: panic will not go away

Новые Санжары и коронавирус из Китая: паника никуда не делась

In the Poltava region residents have protested against the placement in a sanatorium, 100 evacuated from China citizens of Ukraine and other States. DW figured out the mood of the locals and secured their safety.

In the village there is a persistent sound of sirens. Residents of New Sanjar immediately stop, quickly taken out of the pockets the phone and begin to shoot a column of special vehicles. From that day, as it brought the evacuees from the Chinese city of Wuhan Ukrainians and citizens of other States, they quickly learned street blogging and social media thrown in everything that happens around. “We share photos and videos. Because it’s scary for yourself, for your child, when you look at these columns of machinery,” explains DW a woman with a baby that stayed in the Central square of Sanjar to photograph a few cars of the Ministry of emergencies and an ambulance that quickly pass by.

Measures anti-epidemic security

The main gate of the resort (evacuees placed in motels National guard of Ukraine) two days ago were open to all. According to various sources, there were treated about a dozen people, which was urgently taken to the neighboring city. Now the gate is guarded by national guardsmen and no one is allowed. All in protective masks. On the territory of the sanatorium anywhere the people in white protective suits. Here constantly travel to and private cars, special vehicles of the National guard and FEMA, in particular repair. One of these delivered, for example, a thick concrete slab.

Drivers mostly without masks. And the machines are not sanitized. “Outside the gates of the resort is safe, you can even remove the mask,” says one of the national guardsmen. Past the fence, which stretches around the resort, go local. Without protective masks. “Yes, there was masks are available in pharmacies these two days”, – says Nikolay – the owner of the house, which is located in some hundred meters from the resort. Right next to the fence of the sanatorium two high-rise buildings and many private houses, some from the VIP-lodges.

All residents, where DW met on the streets, with great skepticism about statements of officials on the measures taken protivoepidemicheskoj security. “Well, what protection? See, near the river Vorskla. A sanatorium in the middle of a residential neighborhood!”, – says pensioner Aleksandr Ivanovich. The guy who introduced himself as Alexander, said that “in Sanzhary no normal medicine,” so here it was impossible to carry potentially patients with coronavirus: “Why take here, if you can take camping! Can be the same?”. Answering the question DW about the location of the town, Alexander said that “in the field”.

The head of the Novy-Sanjary district Council Gennady Suprun also told DW that I don’t agree with placing people in quarantine in the centre of the settlement and believes that the resort was not willing to stay quarantined. Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk, however, categorically denies. As he told DW, this secure facility is most consistent with the epidemiological safety requirements, approved specialists.

Local and Central government: someone who does not understand?

On the eve of the evacuation of people from the affected coronavirus Wuhan novosanzhars’kyi village Council appealed, in particular, to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with the requirement not to allow the placement of evacuees in the village.

Zelensky the clashes of protesters with law enforcement authorities in New Sanzhary, suggested that the tumultuous events of the 20 February are political in nature. In turn, the Chairman of the Poltava regional state administration Oleg Sinegubov one of the reasons for the protests in an interview with DW called “possible training of local political elites to local elections.”

And Gennady Suprun believes that everything is much easier. He blames his “colleagues on top” in the lack of communication with local authorities. As he told DW, he personally and officially warned about the global changes in the life of a young Sanzhar a few hours before the arrival of the buses. “We prepared normally,” says Suprun.

Rural residents should be able to talk

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov in an interview with DW said that the protests in Sanzhary is a provocation, about which the Agency knew in advance and now law enforcement officers find out who’s involved.

The clashes at the sanatorium, according to the interior Ministry, suffered about 10 policemen. The local men, where DW met on the night of 21 February on the streets of Sanjar with broken faces, too, would like to know who should be responsible for their injuries during the clashes with the police. Visitors to the gas station on the outskirts of Sanjar DW complained to the local government, which, according to them, at first instigated them to protest, and then, when began to open a criminal case on the fact of obstructing the work of law enforcement officers, pulled away.

People, apparently, more provoked incompetent communication, and law enforcement officials with the rural population, according to the founder of the local youth center “Printing house” Maxim Mikhailik. This is the usual Ukrainian village, says the activist, where people at least just scared because they don’t have experience, how to recognize the fakes as “not to be manipulation”. In Sanzhary learned about the upcoming “coronavirus quarantine” is not from official sources, but because of the stuffing (leakage) of information in social networks, reporting that it “rides something terrible,” said Mikhailik.

To panic had no reason?

Despite the fact that the Ministry of health assures that evacuated people healthy and the health Minister Zoryana Skaletska promised to hold evacuated all 14 days of panic Sanjar will not go away. Talked about this nearly all local residents. On the first day of quarantine in a sanatorium, according to the Council, in schools and kindergartens the parents have not led about half of the children. The prospect of new protests by the activist Mikhailik assesses as low. Unless, of course, will not happen again, some new stuffing “secret information”, and people will not be able to include critical thinking, he adds.

Новые Санжары и коронавирус из Китая: паника никуда не делась

Новые Санжары и коронавирус из Китая: паника никуда не делась

Новые Санжары и коронавирус из Китая: паника никуда не делась