New shot in a trade war: the US imposed sanctions against 33 Chinese companies

Новый удар в торговой войне: США ввели санкции против еще 33 китайских компаний

Trade war the United States of America with China continues. The United States adopted another package of sanctions against Chinese companies. Restrictions affected 33 companies and organizations. We are talking about both public and private enterprises.

New U.S. sanctions imposed against two types of companies. Some of them America is accused in connection with the Chinese military, because they carry out trading operations and in the interests of the Chinese army. Other companies are accused of complicity in human rights violations. On the introduction of sanctions according to the Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce (BIS) on its website.

So, “participation in acts contrary to national security or foreign policy interests of the United States”, sanctions imposed against 24 companies. Seven companies and two companies were included in the list for complicity in the violation of human rights. The United States believes that these companies are involved in the persecution of the Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities living in Xinjiang Autonomous district.

The sanctions lie in the fact that now these companies put restrictions on the purchase of American goods and goods produced abroad with American involvement, and American technology.