New supercar maker McLaren F1 will have a unique motor

Новый суперкар создателя McLaren F1 получит уникальный мотор

On the coupe So 50 Gordon Murray, who created the legendary supercar, is the easiest and revving the V12 engine of all that ever put on a road car

The engine block is made of aluminum alloy. Mass lightweight steel crankshaft 13 pounds. There are components made of titanium. In particular, the valves. The weight of the motor Assembly 178 pounds – a record for V12. Another 80,5 kg pulls a gearbox.

The unit spins up to 12 100 rpm./mines and produces 654 HP (power density – 660 a ton of force). Peak torque 466 Nm at 9000 rpm./min. 70% available from 2000 rpm./min. To max rpm the engine spins over a third of a second. Transmission – six-speed manual.