New teaser trailer for Rainbow Six Siege confirms the leak of two new operatives

Новый тизер Rainbow Six Siege подтверждает утечку про двух новых оперативников

Operation “Edge of emptiness” – the next season of Rainbow Six Siegethat Ubisoft started titerite the other day. Here’s another teaser confirming a recent leak.

As we now know officially, the season brings two new operatives:

  • Yana – attacking side. Knows how to create a controllable hologram.
  • Oryx – the defending side. Can break through walls.

A little background of both characters can be read on the official website of the game.

A full presentation of the “Territory of emptiness” will be held this Saturday, February 15, during the Six Invitational tournament in 2020. They say, among other innovations will complete processing of Tachanka.