New theme for MIUI Epic light 11 surprised many fans

Новая тема Epic light для MIUI 11 удивила многих фанов

Today, the official shop has a new designer Hitesh Soni and I want you to show it. She’s remarkable live Wallpaper Mars Live Wallpaper Super lock screen and desktop, new animated icons 12 MIUI boot animation MIUI 12 (I did not show)

Also, the new dialer interface, dialer and battery indicator. According to the author all components “extracted from the Chinese beta firmware” MIUI 12. Theme adapted and under dark mode.

On the lock screen to the camera, and shortcuts to certain applications, which can vary depending on the model and firmware of your smartphone. Notice changing the substrate, respectively, the established mode.

Widget on the desktop opens when you click on the corresponding area Clock, Calendar and Weather. Icons animated (not all!) when you exit the application. Blind 4×3 rows, and notifications are not separated. In dialer Russian – English dialer. Photo for incoming/outgoing call normal.

The test for RN 5, RN 9S and R5Plus (MIUI 11; 9 android, 10, 8.1) – is well established. The boot animation is not on any smartphone, I hope that the author will fix it. On RN 9S dialer messages from Google and themes do not change. R5Plus – dark mode and Wallpaper work well. The screenshots were trying to do when you download a Wallpaper, so don’t blame me) Look:

Theme downloaded in the Indian region, well, you try first in your. If you have any difficulty with the search, switch the region to India and then go to the link below. After applying the theme reboot your device to correctly display all components and removal of tailings from previous topic (!)

Новая тема Epic light для MIUI 11 удивила многих фанов

Новая тема Epic light для MIUI 11 удивила многих фанов