New victims and a giant queue: what’s going on in Ukraine and worldwide – fresh review, 20 March

Новые жертвы и гигантские очереди: что творится в Украине и мире - свежий обзор за 20 марта

Pandemic coronavirus continues to gain momentum. Spain has already surpassed China and became the leader in mortality. In Ukraine we know about 27 cases of infection, about 5 the latter became known in the evening on March 19. It is not excluded that in the autumn the country will begin the second wave of rasprostraneniia disease. “Apostrophe” tells about all the events related to the spread of the virus.

As at 13 o’clock on March 20 in the world contracted the coronavirus 245 484 people died 10 031. Mortality leads Italy (3 405 people, with 41 035 infected), followed by China (3 250 133 with 81 infected), Iran (1 407 284, with 18 infected) and Spain (18 077 833 when infected).

Новые жертвы и гигантские очереди: что творится в Украине и мире - свежий обзор за 20 марта

What is happening in Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad

Ukrainian scientists have completed the development of test systems which will help in identifying the COVID-19. The system is preparing to release at the Institute of molecular biology, genetics, NAS of Ukraine. Work on it began in January 2020, at the direction of the Council of national security and defense.

Another death. In the Italian province of Bergamo died March 19, a Ukrainian native of Lviv region. Official confirmation of this yet. On the death said the head of the Christian society of Ukrainians in Italy Oles Gorodetsky. Earlier in the city Rovato the province of Brescia died Ukrainian. Before her death, she was hospitalized and was in serious condition.

Abroad now 13 infected with the coronavirus of Ukrainians ( including the dead in Italy from Lvov). It is known that on the Spanish resort island of Tenerife has been stuck around 80 Ukrainians.

The first rapid tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus purchased and already sent in the area of environmental protection.

In Kiev to curb the spread of infection at the entrances and exits of the city have arranged 8 fixed stations are patrolled by police and national guard. Transport in the capital in the morning there was once again a huge queue.

Новые жертвы и гигантские очереди: что творится в Украине и мире - свежий обзор за 20 марта

One of the witnesses said that the police selectively responds to the violation of the quarantine.

The mayor said that at the moment coronavirus checked out 291 from Kiev: “We don’t know how many of us positive people. They may not get sick but carry the infection.”

According to him, all family doctors and ambulances provided tests COVID-19. Them, if necessary, paramedics will be able to do at home.

While Ukrainian authorities plan to tighten quarantine of coronavirus. In Kyiv city state administration took the decision to impose emergency in the capital.

Odessa. Due to quarantine residents of the city and the region ceased to donate blood. The regional blood transfusion station reports a catastrophic decline in donors and expects a deficit of blood components. Yesterday at the station was the person at the usual 50.

In Kharkov people to break Windows and block traffic.

Statement Zelensky

March 20 the President issued a statement in which he said about the first patient in Ukraine, who recovered from coronavirus. The patient is from Chernivtsi.

The President also noted that it expects to receive 10 million tests for coronavirus from China.

Zelensky said that the country will not survive if millions of people get sick at the same time.


Because of the rapid spread of the disease, the government ordered temporary closure of all the country’s hotels and also guest houses and campsites. They have 7 days max to implement the prescribed measures. Only the guards and staff can remain on the job. With the exception of the dormitories, where people live for a longer period of time or where people permanently reside, provided that they have the necessary infrastructure to protect and isolate people.

The situation in other countries

USA: 13 737 new infected, 201 death.

France: 10995 new infected, 372 death.

Georgia from March 21 stops air communication with all countries.

Saudi Arabia has completely stopped the traffic.

Iran revealed for the day of 1,237 new cases of infection with coronavirus, 149 people died.

Haiti declares emergency in connection with the coronavirus: imposing a curfew and closes the border.

New Zealand confirms 11 new cases COVID-19. All cases 39.

Kazakhstan: the country’s 49 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. In the country established the limits of deviation of the buying rate from the selling rate of foreign currency.

Germany. 15320 new infected, 46 deaths. Among the people of Berlin began to disperse “Crown-Code,” which accurately and clearly lists all the rules of life in a pandemic.

The government of Argentina introduced the General quarantine.

Belarus: the number of infected has risen from 51 to 69 people. Belavia started export of Belarusian citizens from Russia. The first aircraft flew to Minsk, it also fly to 4 Ukrainian.

EU asks Ecuador guaranteed access to the airport after the runway was blocked with trucks in one of the cities.