New Volkswagen logo: modern, “digital”, less German (PHOTO)

Новый логотип Фольксвагена: современный, «цифровой», менее немецкий (ФОТО)

However, if you do not explain, the reader is unlikely he will find differences, they are too obvious. But in General, the new logo looks really younger.

Back in April 2018 Director of marketing for Volkswagen Jochen Singel announced that the logo “needs to have a bright international symbols like cars and smartphones,” and VW has always sought to be “too German”, gradually losing the emotion. The purpose of the updates is to make VW a little less stiff and more clearly highlight the innovations of the manufacturer.

It is expected that Volkswagen will introduce a new logo on their cars closer to the end of this year, writes the German

Recently, however, photospies got new Golf 8 already modernized logo, and journalists have a better look at him. The label has become less convex, the line of the letters is thinner. The letter W is now not regarding the tips of the bottom edge of the circle. And most importantly – lost three-dimensional effect, letters became flat.

Perhaps the new VW logo present at the presentation at the Frankfurt motor show that it would be quite logical. Even assuming that it appears on electric models ID as a symbol of renewal of the company. Therefore, the logo needs to change to look younger, more modern and better to match the VW in the digital world, while remaining recognizable and without losing its family traits.

We know that the new logo was designed by Klaus Bishopton in cooperation with branding agencies. Responsible for the promotion of the new brand design will become the Agency KMS Team.

New VW logo is the 12th in a row. The last time Volkswagen has updated its logo in 2012, giving it the illusion of 3D.