New year’s address Vladimir Zelensky quarreled Ukrainians

Новогоднее обращение Владимира Зеленского перессорило украинцев

The Ukrainians disliked the video message of President Vladimir Zelensky, whom he congratulated them on the New 2020 year and Christmas.

The President’s speech on new year’s night was broadcast on Ukrainian TV channels (to see the video, pascalite news down). But in social networks people of the country told us what they think about her.

Thus, article about the treatment Zelensky on the page in Facebook OBOZREVATEL users have left more than 3 thousand “likes” and more than a thousand comments. Others have devoted a separate post. Among them, as ordinary Ukrainians and famous personalities, and even other nationalities. At the same time, people’s opinions were strongly divided.

“We heard the concept of a new state, where it doesn’t matter anything but name”, – said people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation Alexander Briginets.

Others did not like the President’s words about what love should be all Ukrainians, whatever they were. This drew the attention of the journalist, blogger and TV presenter WOOL Victor Litovchenko, mentioning terrorist “L/DRN” and the Ukrainian oligarchs who cooperate with the aggressor country of Russia.

“And really, what’s the difference – you’re a General Kulchytsky, Vasyl Mole-rat, or Zakharchenko, Givi, Mozgovoi and Dremov? Passports have been the same. They taught us to live in unity and mutual respect to each other. They were all the same as a named street and they saw the future of our country the same. Remember that to love Ukraine is to love all Ukrainians. Including Pushilin, who, Poklonsky, Medvedchuk, Shufrych, Portnov, Yanukovych, Azirova, Kharkiv terrorists and unpunished berkutnyu. What do you care who you love?” – he stressed.

But Georgian publicist and University Professor Elijah Oleg Panfilov praised Zelensky, stressing that Ukrainians have made a good choice.

“Impressed with new year’s greetings Zelensky – Bravo! Never thought I would admire such a formality – usually boring and useless, Poroshenko did this funny, puffing up with pride and excessive self-importance”, – he said.

Not without a comparison of the President’s speech Zelensky with this at the time, said his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko.

“No. Did not like. Bored and mindlessly. We met with the real President”, “Remember some early “fakie” sent P. A. the greeting, and now a friendship drink. As time changes”, “never listened to him talking!”, “Are unable to finish listening to a set of phrases, generally do not have communication among themselves… enjoyed listening to the greeting of the 5th President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko – a substantial, neatly, as always with wisdom and foresight!”, “I did not finish due to the fact that one of cattle, which all my life plundered the country, started its broadcasting! He is a former President! Former! And God forbid, to never become one!”, “And the campaign was shot against the backdrop of the quarter. Well guys! Congratulations to everyone! We seem to have now two presidents!”, “Good greeting, for the first time in the history of independent, I was curious and touching”, “very good! Well done! Better said and all mentioned, in contrast to past presidents! As the Anthem creeps up on the skin! Very good, thank you!”, “Not looking, because it’s disgusting!”, “Very touching! Nice!” – commented the Ukrainian.