New year’s horoscope: what to expect signs of the zodiac at the end of this year

Предновогодний гороскоп: что ожидает знаки зодиака в конце этого года

At the end of the year we all love to take stock, to remember all the most pleasant and leave behind the negative.

Astrologers tell what events await the representatives of the different signs of the zodiac for the New year.


Rams at the end of the year and want urgently to leave with debts and to pay all the bills. And it’s not just about the money: where do the representatives of this constellation will return the deeds and works that had to owe. It is important to allocate time and their life goals. Otherwise, you can simply run out of steam, remembering who managed to help you out in 2019 and who urgently need to return good for good, until the clock struck twelve.


Taurus, the New year will save endurance and faith in themselves. If you react with anger at any little thing, nerves are on edge, and the Bulls clearly do not want. This is the period when the trite advice “easier to relate to this life” could actually work. Taurus it is important not to dramatize, to control myself and to solve all the problems step by step. Then in 2020, the Bulls will meet with joy and without “tails” to-do lists.


Gemini many changes will meet in the sphere of love. But since we are bound not only to people but also things and Hobbies, there is another side of the coin. The twins have safely expand horizons and open new close, trying unusual Hobbies like growing crystals or doing instagram blog about bookcrossing. We can tell them only one thing: boldly, while the wind blowing in your sails!

In order not to run out of steam in December, having lost all the festive mood, Cancers astrologers suggest: don’t need to make big plans and to write a giant to-do lists. It is better to identify the desired coverage, but do not consider this a perfect example of mandatory minimum. You can read psychological books or watch inspirational movies: such simple actions will support the more effective motivation Samohvalov.

The lions at the end of December will take luck in their hands and can deliver the final chord so that the start of 2020 will be bright and memorable. So the Lions better not to waste your time before the New year for many small business, and to focus all the attention on the couple-three really important and significant. This balance of priorities will bring more inspiration and help to swing the pendulum of Fortune in their favor.


Virgins on the eve of the holiday will finish the case in a fast pace. It is likely to surprise, sudden calls, change – in short, any pre-holiday bustle. This should be accepted stoically: not to worry, not to worry, not to fuss and to continue movement in the direction of the course. Peace will help the Virgins to meet the New year without earning any disruption or fatigue, and thus nicely completing all the ongoing projects.


The scales, according to the new year horoscope, it is better to prepare for the holiday experiences in advance: to consider the meeting place, to buy or to find in the existing closet suitable outfit, puzzled gifts and Souvenirs for loved ones. Even buying food is better not to leave on 31 Dec and all that you can buy in advance to keep in the house. New year effortlessly is the key to good mood and happy 2020.


Scorpions will be in December to roll finances, earn money, make deals and make purchases. It is not surprising that on the eve of the festival fizzle out and want is that a vacation in a quiet sanatorium, and not fireworks under a window, or a noisy party until the morning. Scorpios are advised to take care of itself. A couple of days of idleness before the New year – the perfect recipe for recovery for which you definitely shouldn’t blame yourself.


New year horoscope Sagittarius contains a very important and enjoyable in the long term news: Sagittarius for December can close Gestalt in old relationships. It’s time to come to terms with friends in a quarrel, give up the toxic personalities to understand the current issues and step into the future with confidence, with support in the face of a truly close and dear to the hearts of people. In 2020 they will become allies Riflemen and their support.


Capricorns are business-like and rational, December 2019 will be in a love longing, emotional experiences and romantic dreams. Maybe the sudden return to the past or nostalgia for what will not return. Everything under control: all of us sometimes need to focus not only on the material side of life, but on what connects us with loved ones.


Aquarius should not try to grasp the immensity, give yourself the promise that “next year for sure”, and jump into the last car, completing several tasks simultaneously. Multitasking – not an innate trait in people generally can’t schedule the time, even if circumstances so require, the employer or relatives. Comfortable pace and attention to one’s own biorhythm will allow Aquarius to enter into a new 2020 with a smile.


Fish astrologers recommend New year’s eve not to introspect and to take stock. According to the forecast of the stars, possible mild apathy and fatigue. No wonder: the year the Fish was saturated. So don’t spoil the fun by analyzing mistakes, an unfortunate set of circumstances or grievances. The simple pleasures of Fish will bring a lot more good, and if Fish still will take care of your health, January 1, they will feel refreshed and full of energy.