Newly minted Russian Deputy Monson strangled his rival in battle – 24 Channel

Новоспечений російський депутат Монсон задушив свого суперника у бою - 24 Канал

Mixed martial arts fighter and member of the Board of deputies of the Krasnogorsk near Moscow, Jeff Monson, in celebration of the Day the district spent fighting against U.S. representative Tim Sylvia.

The corresponding video appeared on the network.

Note that the confrontation lasted about five minutes and ended after suffocating reception Monson.

“The fight was held at UFC, the round lasted five minutes. I am very pleased and it is a great honor that came to us Tim Sylvia, we are old friends. After the holiday we will have a dinner, talk about the future,” the MP said in comments to one of Rosicky resources.

Henchman Putin Monson had a fight in Krasnogorsk: video

Recall that in 2017 the occupation authorities of Luhansk issued to Jeff Monson of the so-called “passport”, and after a while a soldier was also Russian citizenship. Also in 2018, he became a Deputy of the city Parliament Moscow, Krasnogorsk from the party “United Russia”.

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