News center – a new experimental feature in the “Labs Steam”

Новостной центр - новая экспериментальная функция в «Лабораториях Steam»

In the “Laboratories of Steam” funding! The world saw the ninth experimental feature – news center. As the name implies, this thing will help track the information you need on one page on the computer and in the mobile app store.

The most prominent place in the news center includes current events – for example, you will find there a stream with the developers, bonus weekend in shareware games and fresh content.

Events and ads appear in your feed in chronological order. And if you scroll up, you will see upcoming events – if you don’t want to miss anything, you can in two clicks to set a reminder about certain events.

You are free to hide any types of events and news specific games, but by default the news center offers five reasons, according to which information appears in your feed:

  • The game is in your library.
  • The game is in the wish list.
  • You are subscribed to the game page in the store.
  • The game is recommended to you based on what you play.
  • This is news from the blog of blog Steam or Steamworks.

In the coming weeks, Valve is going to add more options news center and additional sources of news and new home page.

In addition, the company notes that since the launch of the system events and announcements in September 2019, more than 8 thousands of games have used new tools and has published more than 35 thousand news. Players, in turn, viewed these developments over 120 million times.

Новостной центр - новая экспериментальная функция в «Лабораториях Steam»

Новостной центр - новая экспериментальная функция в «Лабораториях Steam»