News February 18: the edits “on the ground”, the IMF and the “andikalovsky” law

Новости 18 февраля: правки "по земле", МВФ и "антиколомойский" закон

On amendments to land reform. The head of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya predicts that the consideration of “land” bill in the second reading will take 2.5 – 3 months, and plans to communicate with the leaders of those factions that have made the most edits.

ABOUT THE IMF. Experts of the International monetary Fund will visit Ukraine to carry out technical policy discussions of economic growth

About “anticolonial” law. Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, NBU and finalize the Verkhovna Rada government bill No. 2571 banning the return of failed banks former owners, the approval of which insists the IMF.

About Surkis and Poroshenko. Ihor Surkis and 6 affiliated offshore companies filed a lawsuit against Valeria Gontareva and Petro Poroshenko in London’s High court, demanding the ex-President to compensate the funds for the unfulfilled terms of the agreement, which he had to buy a stake in the TV channel “1+1”.

About the Ukrainian exports. Surpassing the third-place India, which for three consecutive years held the first place, leadership in the top 10 largest importers of Ukrainian agricultural products in 2019 conquered China.

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Новости 18 февраля: правки "по земле", МВФ и "антиколомойский" закон

Новости 18 февраля: правки "по земле", МВФ и "антиколомойский" закон