Newsletter with doubles and clones – how not to get lost while voting (video)

Бюллетень с двойниками и клонами - как не запутаться во время голосования (видео)

Today at 8 a.m. will open polling stations on elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine. Voters will give 2 of the newsletter. One will be listed of the party, and in the second the candidates who are running for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine through the majority system. The voters of the city will be doubly difficult to understand the candidates as on the ballot, in addition to these nominees, unscrupulous politicians “slipped” clones and doubles. How to vote, not entangled in the candidates and without spoiling the Bulletin said the Chairman of the district Commission Olga Serjantova.

On Monday in Melitopol the staff of the CEC and spectacle delivered in Melitopol ballots – more than 300 thousand. As is known, this year will be handing out 2 to each voter at his hands. Within the newsletter you will need to tick the political forces, which do you most sympathize with. The Bulletin will specify the title and the names of the listed candidates, whom she represented. Only 22 political forces. Each one has her own room, the party inherited according to the draw.

In the second ballot placed the candidates-mazhoritarshchik. A total of 12. And here problems arise. Serial numbers of the candidates will not. Them in the newsletter were placed in alphabetical order. Some the Internet-editions by the order of individual candidates distribute fake ballots with fake order of placing of candidates. The false information of the agitation denied the Chairman of the district Commission Olga Serjantova:

– To the district election Commission address citizens of Melitopol and Melitopol district with the question of how to understand the ballot with the same name. In the Bulletin there will be two Minko Sergey Anatolyevich. The first newsletter will be Minko from the Canopy in 1965, and behind him will be Minko Sergey Anatolyevich born in 1973 – the current mayor of Melitopol.

Some provocateurs manage to teach the voters to spoil the ballot, suggesting that the clone or DoppelgangeR should be crossed. To do this absolutely can not, says Olga Stroganova:

– Going into the booth it is necessary to look not only at the surname, first name and patronymic, but to learn information about the candidate: to pay attention to his year of birth, place of residence, place of work and party affiliation. In any case there is nothing to cross off, as the ballot will be considered spoiled. You need to put a tick or a cross next to the name of the candidate – said the head of the OIC.

Candidates will be placed in the following order

Balitsky Evgenij

Baranov, Konstantin

Budak Igor Anatolyevich

Bulgakov Aleksey Alekseevich

Gladyshev, Maxim Sergeyevich

Smooth Dmitriy

Kurtev Andrey Ivanovich

Kusaev Felix Abramovich

Maslov Mikhail Borisovich

Minko Sergey (Curtains)

Minko Sergey (Melitopol)

Sudakov Igor Igorevich.