NEWSONE TV host Diana Panchenko kicked out of the Studio, one of the guests on talk shows. Video

Телеведущая NEWSONE Диана Панченко выгнала из студии одного из гостей ток-шоу. Видео

NEWSONE TV host Diana Panchenko kicked out of the guest the talk show “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics. Month President Zelensky” the people’s Deputy of Ukraine I convening and Advisor of the President of Ukraine in 2009-2010 Valeria center after accusing the channel in an explicit promotion and try to bring to power “the Opposition platform – For life.”

“In every event we must look for the function. In this audience, on this channel during the first and second rounds of voting for President all of “the Opposition platform For life”, as well as leading, was on the side of Zelensky. Now things have turned 180 degrees,” said Ivasyuk.

“We’re never on anyone’s side, we are for objectivity,” said presenter Diana Panchenko.

“There is such a thing – tsunamis. Here, the presidential elections were an earthquake, the first tsunami wave – Zelensky, but the second – above. And this “Opposition platform For life,” Rabinovich. And this “the monkey king” sees that a fight between two tigers, and getting ready to come. And it is the function of this channel and this show. Be careful what third force is the country’s leadership,” retorted the ex-MP.

“And why do you come here? Dear Directors, now turn the microphone to Mr. Ivasyuk. I insist. Mr. Valery, goodbye. We will not allow to hurt us. The people who come to our channel, we give them a platform to speak out and they are insulting us good – bye. Such a person will not be in our Studio,” replied Panchenko, after which the party left the Studio NEWSONE.