Next week in the Odessa area will start thorough checks of beaches

На следующей неделе в Одесской области начнутся усиленные проверки пляжей

In the Odessa region over the past week have confirmed 133 of infection with coronavirus. In the previous – the number of new cases was 80.

These data are released in Facebook, the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Kuts, passes the Censor.NO.

“An alarm signal we received today from the se “Odessa regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine”. According to the monitoring of the incidence of COVID-19 over the last week, compared with the previous observed increase in laboratory-confirmed cases 1.7 times (133 cases against 80). Over the past day in Odessa region confirmed the diagnosis in 32 patients. Recorded two fatal cases. The epidemic situation remains unstable,” he said.

The total number of infected COVID-19 in the Odessa region is 1234, of which 222 health worker (144 recovered) and 116 children (44 recovered). Just recovered 668 patients per day – 35.

Quarantined closed three villages in the Odessa region, in Bolgrad district – markets, shopping centers, restaurants.

“Due to an unstable epidemiological situation today held an emergency meeting of the regional Commission on emergency situations. Next week in the Odessa area will start thorough checks of beaches, markets, eateries and transport for compliance with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In the territories of the resort districts of Odessa region will be created RAID groups for control over the observance of quarantine rules by the citizens who will visit the beaches and resorts. The police will react harshly to violations of sanitary rules”, – assured the head of the state administration.