Neymar football player accused of rape: the details of the story

Футболиста Неймара обвинили в изнасиловании: детали истории

Player of the French PSG and Brazilian national team Neymar is suspected of rape. According to the prosecution, the incident occurred on may 15 in Paris at the hotel.

Statement on Neymar to the police was filed by the woman, whose name is kept secret. The investigation conducted by the police of são Paulo, where the application was filed.

According to the newspaper UOL Sport that was able to see the details of the case, it happened on 15 may in Paris. Neymar met a girl via Instagram. Then through his friend gave her the necessary documents so she could visit him in Paris. On may 15, when she was in Paris Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe, in the evening it came Neymar. He was a drunk. After an exchange of caresses, the player showed aggression and seized the woman by force

After that, the woman returned to Brazil on may 17. But out of fear and shock is not applied immediately to the police.

The Neymar has already responded to this message. As stated by its advocates, they have asked the representative from the Prosecutor. And called it extortion.

“We completely reject the unfair accusations. All the evidence of extortion attempts and the absence of rape will be timely filed with the police,” – said in a statement on the website of Neymar.

The player himself released a video which showed that the girl herself came upon him. She sent him erotic photos. He does not exclude the fact that between them there was a sexual relationship, but denied the fact of rape.

“I tell: our conversation, moments of intimacy. Such a measure is necessary to prove that in fact nothing happened. What happened that day – the relationship between a man and a woman, something that happens in all couples. The next day nothing happened, we continued to correspond. I was accused of rape, it is a heavy word. This situation caught me by surprise. Very bad and sad to hear this. Because those who know me, my character, you know that I would never act like that. It was a trap, and I hit her. This will be a lesson. There are people who want to get their benefits and to demand something. Very sad and painful,” said Neymar.

Who else of famous athletes accused of rape

The most famous story of Cristiano Ronaldo. American Catherine Mayorga from Las Vegas told the German magazine Der Spiegel that she was raped Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009. Immediately after the rape Ronaldo paid a woman 375 thousand dollars for his silence. However, in 2017, her lawyer said that the contract is not valid. Ronaldo himself denies the charges and calls them fake.

Another defendant – basketball player Kristaps Porzingis. The woman who accused Porzingis, said that he raped her on 7 February 2018, when played for “new York” and lived next door to her. According to her, the Latvians came home after the match against “Milwaukee”, which is injured. About two o’clock basketball player invited her to his apartment, where the rape occurred. The police, explaining his later accusation, the woman said that Porzingis was offered to her 68 thousand dollars for training her brother in College in exchange for silence. However, later refused to pay the agreed amount.