“NF” demands re-arrest of assets of the ex-Minister Zakharchenko

"НФ" требует повторного ареста активов экс-министра Захарченко

Bourbaki recalled due to the ex-interior Minister with aunts.

“Popular front” in favour of appealing a court decision on removal of arrest with assets Minister Yanukovych, Zakharchenko and requires re-arrest of all of its assets. This was stated by the head of the faction Maxim Bourbaki Parliament.

“Popular front” outraged by the removal of arrest from assets Zakharchenko in the Ukraine. Let me remind you that Minister Yanukovych, who was handing out > > Kalashnikovs, was with them. These “tetouani” directly involved in the murder of at least two people: Vyacheslav Veremiya and Yury Verbitsky. I’m talking about already proven facts. And still under investigation about the murders directly on Maidan, ” – said Maxim Bourbaki, saying that currently Zakharchenko in Moscow writes books, he fought all his life for Ukraine’s accession to the “big” Russia.

“Where will the unlocked assets Zakharchenko? For what purpose? Popular front demands against the decision of the court and re-arrest of all assets Zakharchenko!” – said the head of the faction.