NFC and the benefits of its use

Технология NFC и преимущества ее использования

Despite the fact that to date, with NFC (Near Field Communication) is not new, many users sometimes are not even aware of its existence on their smartphones, not to mention active use.

In this article we will talk about what important NFC. Hopefully these details push you to buying a smartphone that supports this technology or active in the use, if NFC is supported on your smartphone.

In a nutshell, NFC technology needed for quick and convenient content sharing and contactless payments.

Massively its use in our country began after March 2017 “PrivatBank and MasterCard launched the “NFC-purse,” which gave the opportunity to “fix” your Bank card to your smartphone in order to enable contactless payment. Thus, the need to carry a Bank card has disappeared.

Equally convenient by using NFC to share a variety of data – transmission speed is several times faster than the closest competitor, Bluetooth. Connecting is simple and very quick – less than a tenth of a second. What would the data transfer via NFC you have performed, it is necessary that both smartphones were active NFC and Android Beam (a feature that is responsible for file sharing) and the devices themselves should not be blocked. In addition, you need to make gadgets backs to each other, and not share them until the transfer has completed, which will be notified by a sound signal. As you can see, it’s simple. By the way, in addition to images, video and audio, with NFC you can share applications and even references.

How to tell if your smartphone support NFC?

The surest way is to go to settings and select “More.” If NFC is, here you will see the stitching.

The choice of smartphone with NFC!

Today price in Pakistan mobile NFC is not a problem – all manufacturers will have something to offer in this regard, and the user just needs to choose what is more suitable to his needs.

If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone in a secure enclosure, in this respect, a very interesting proposal may be the smartphone DOOGEE S60 Lite. In addition to NFC and secure housing, in this model, the battery is an impressive capacity, as well as wireless and fast charging, high-quality main camera and a bright display.

Except protected S60 Lite, in the first quarter of the manufacturer will offer the mobile Y8 PLUS, which will also be NFC. Also, there will be a big and bright display, latest Android 9 dual camera from Sony, very unusual colors and lots of other interesting “things”.

Технология NFC и преимущества ее использования

Технология NFC и преимущества ее использования