“Nibiru are torturing people”: due to the Planet X cases of “sun Allergy” theorists

Purulent lesions, pathologies throughout the body, skin peeling and swelling are only part of the symptoms of the “death Star” on the person with a weak immune system, are convinced ufologists.

«Нибиру уже мучает людей»: Из-за Планеты Х участились случаи «солнечной аллергии» – теоретики

Every year in the world, a growing number of recorded cases of “sun Allergy,” according to medical statistics. In parallel, the opponents of science to scare people with stories of imminent Apocalypse due to the mystical Nibiru hiding behind the Sun and preparing to rush to the Ground. Of course, the analogy between the arrival of the “death Star” and a raging Allergy to the sun was a matter of time.

According to another version of the conspiracy, the light does not expand, and its rays become more pungent and hard. Radiation Nibiru is mixed with the light, causing planet X now torturing people, say the theoreticians. The most common causes of “sun Allergy” is excessive cosmetics, as well as antimicrobial and diuretic drugs. A weak immune system, liver disease and digestive tract – the harbingers of Allergy to the sun.

However, this is a mystery, recently, to suffer from septic lesions, pathologies throughout the body, itching, redness and swelling became absolutely healthy people, have never complained of problems in the internal organs and is not fond of cosmetics.

I break the silence and let people know that cases of “sun Allergy” has become more frequent due to the fault of Planet X, when Nibiru will emerge from behind the Sun and can be seen in the sky with the naked eye, hard theorists. According to various forecasts, the Apocalypse will come in the next 2-3 years.

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