“Nibiru chameleon?”: Planet X changes the color of the clouds due to its location to Earth – physicist

Close the Sun is not a priori rendered in red, you will not tell about the secret Planet X, said the researcher.

«Нибиру хамелеон?»: Планета Х меняет цвет облаков из-за своего расположения к Земле – физик

Nibiru may be another fable of the scientists about the approaching end of the world, we see every new “tale” of nick. Moreover, the approach of the secret planet no longer scares people, and even egged the interest in new pictures of the unusual heavenly body. Exploring the published pictures, famous physicist decided to comment on the most interesting, in his view photo. The expert said that the sky seemed unusual due to the fact that planet X is approaching Earth. Nibiru is changing the color of the clouds due to its location to the Ground and thereby betrays its location.

“Nibiru as a chameleon alters people’s imagination and research, it is noticeable in the sky. Bright iridescence in Bangkok and Thailand this afternoon clearly showed the result. Thus the red rays on the appearance of the clouds should not be, since it’s a special kind of waves that produce a reflection of Light. In our case the Sun isn’t strong to reflect the light, but something closer might. I’m not knocking the version with Planet X, as an adherent of the cosmic theory of occurrence of mankind,” – said the physicist.

If a more detailed look at the selected picture clearly shows that the bright sky was like a mirror for the unknown Planet X that can overtake the Earth at any convenient time for this. Whether really to worry about heard, was uncertain, as the scientists prefer to argue from one extreme to another in order to get more followers of his theory, and associates.

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