“Nibiru is no longer”: the Planet X was replaced by a new killer of the Earth

This new and mysterious object appeared in the Solar system after Planet X and destroy humanity in a matter of minutes, it says in the Scriptures of the Sumerians.

«Нибиру уже нет»: Планету Х заменила новая убийца Земли

The Sumerian civilization continues to live centuries in the form of Scriptures and ancient manuscripts near to mankind. Message about decoding secret messages were received from many historians and scholars, and the first and remains the most authoritative Zechariah Sitchin. His words about the ancient predictions do not stop to criticize as a matter of modern linguists, destroying the myths created by the Sumerians. The last attempt to expose the liar and pseudohistorians Sitchin took place this year. According to analysts, Nibiru is no longer in the vicinity of the Solar system. Planet X was replaced by a new killer of the Earth, experts say, and UFOlogy. On the planet is approaching a huge block of kosmicheskogo origin, which can kill all life on Earth in a matter of minutes.

«Нибиру уже нет»: Планету Х заменила новая убийца Земли

There are only differences in the way of dealing with people. Expect some clashes, some invasion of the humanoids that control block space of the Universe. The main message from modern historians who deciphered the writings of the Sumerian civilization is that humanity deliberately deceive scaring Nibiru. Planet X is presumably already burned or erased in the sand after centuries of travel through the galaxy. Modern researchers emphasize that on August 14-15, we speak against the entity (“Mongoloid Lizard”). It’s a security force from the place of storage of backup DNA and incarnational matrix ratehomelocal nibiruans. According to ancient Scriptures, it is located in Khakassia, in the sacred pyramid mountain ridge Chests.

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