Nibiru is pushing Jupiter. Planet X can knock a planet from orbit

Нибиру толкает Юпитер. Планета Х может сбить планету с орбиты

Ufologists have discovered that Jupiter’s rings are compressed under the pressure of a foreign celestial body of the galaxy, which could lead to an explosion.

More recently, scientists began to attract Jupiter, since the radius of this planet noticeable changes. Many independent ufologists stated that the usual functioning of the heavenly bodies became subject to change due to the influence of Nibiru. And now, not without participation of this “guest”.

In recent decades, increased cases of meteor showers, as it turned out, a large mass of meteoric bodies vtsepilas from the rings of Jupiter, which are barely visible from space because of its dark color. As noted by the UFO, Nibiru for a long time looking for shelter, being close to the planets of the solar system. As scientists assume, the legendary harbinger of light a very strong aura that could destroy the whole galaxy. This time it took Jupiter and its first layer of a planetary ring, almost shattered with the constant crush of the parasite.

The outer spider ring consists of meteoroids, which are in constant motion. On the background of the large size of the planet these fossils do not harm and keep Jupiter in tone. However, after the destruction of the first layer can start an irreversible reaction. The broken pieces at high speed, spread throughout the space touching the other planets. According to some, the Moon has already received several blows, that’s why it formed scientists inexplicable flash.

Nibiru literally pushes Jupiter, if all the rings are damaged, then the planet will cease is in great shape and will descend from an orbit that will cause it to fail the entire solar system.

Meteorites can reach the Ground and the amount of damage to its territory, thus creating huge gaps in the ozone layer. “Thanks” to these holes, the planet can burn out the UV rays and part of living beings will be destroyed, leading to disruption of the food chain and the extinction of many species, including human. Ufologists are closely watching the state of Petrea to prevent the consequences of which may remain silent NASA.

Нибиру толкает Юпитер. Планета Х может сбить планету с орбиты

Нибиру толкает Юпитер. Планета Х может сбить планету с орбиты