Nibiru will finally destroy the Earth 19 September – UFO

Planet X will inevitably collide with the Earth in a couple of days, which will lead to the end of the history of human civilization, experts believe.

Нибиру окончательно уничтожит Землю 19 сентября – уфологи

Recently, the conspiracy theorists assert that the mysterious Nibiru, which is sneaking up on Earth that will destroy our planet. Indirect confirmation of this theory is the frequent cataclysms which, according to the researchers, is caused by the activity of Planet X. however, the researchers predict that more and more questioned.

In particular, NASA has officially denied that the approach of Nibiru, not dare to confirm the existence of a mysterious celestial body. At the same time, ufologists believe that the government deliberately hide the truth from the public to avoid panic and revolt of the doomed population.

Meanwhile, astronomers from all over the world trying to prove his innocence and to prove to people that they do not threaten the independent space researchers give a forecast as to when the life on Earth will be destroyed. Because in the last days, Nibiru has already become visible around the world, pictures of the mysterious object’s mass is published online. Based on these documentary evidence, ufologists believe that in fact, planet X has already appeared, and will completely destroy the Earth on September 19.

Although many ufologists have said that Nibiru will affect Earth, but will not destroy life on it. Now, however, ufologists from the US believe that the planet X finally unitit all life on our planet.

In Russia, it is also possible to observe the approach of Nibiru, scientists say. From time to time users in the social media publish pictures from different parts of the country, which is clearly visible to a mysterious planet. However, experts believe that the collision of Planet X and the Earth will be not Russia. At the same time, it will not help the Russians to avoid the tragic fate. The strike, according to ufologists, is so strong that it will split our planet, thereby killing all life on its surface.

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