“NIBULON” has launched a new terminal in the Dnipropetrovsk region

"Нибулон" запустил новый терминал на Днепропетровщине

The leader of the agrarian market of Ukraine, the company “NIBULON” invested $ 23 million in the construction of a new transshipment terminal in the village Maryanskaya the Apostolovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region. This is already the 10th such facility in the cascade of the Dnieper and the first in the region. The terminal was built within three months with observance of all security measures, when Ukraine was subjected to the conditions of quarantine for pandemic coronavirus infection.

Despite this the company has managed to create 1,500 jobs for construction workers from 73 different organizations from all over Ukraine, and to ensure the supply of modern equipment from Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain and other countries. The ceremonial launch of the terminal of the branch “Zelenodolsk” was held on June 12.

Terminal capacity is 76 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain (up to 300 thousand tons per year, which would relieve intraregional and interregional roads more than 12.5 thousand trucks), the object will constantly employ more than 100 people. This is a modern, fully automated infrastructure of the agricultural enterprise for receiving, storage and handling of agricultural products. In addition to investment in the terminal “NIBULON” investing in the social infrastructure of the village in accordance with the social договором11 million UAH, which will be aimed at solving urgent problems of water supply. Also on its own initiative, the company will provide street lighting, you will find a convenient walkway paving and organizes modern Park for local residents. Already repaired the driveway. In addition, each year the community budget will receive UAH 5 million in tax revenues.

The efforts will also be made for the dredging of the pier area with the area of over 8 hectares and part of the water approach to the water area with a length of about 1 km will Also be a new additional ship course on the river with a length of over 14 km.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Alexander Bondarenko, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council Svyatoslav Oleynik, representatives of local authorities and contractors.

According to the Minister Vladislav Cricle, the company “NIBULON” demonstrates a unique example where the absence of active government assistance for over 10 years, a project for the revival of navigation and freight transport on the rivers of Ukraine. “The hero of Ukraine Alexey Vadatursky once again proved that the coronavirus and coronaries is not only about challenges and problems, it is also about opportunities. As we reported, for the three months was built this complex. My obeisance, I don’t know how much effort, how much coordination and how much we had to plan, to implement it,” said Crickley. According to him, the Ministry and the government will do everything so that such enterprises have the best conditions could develop in Ukraine.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Alexander Bondarenko emphasized that “NIBULON” meets all three key priorities for attracting investment into the region, which have made local government – economy, infrastructure, ecology. “This is an ecological project, after unloading of the road and shifting the carriage on the river, we carry out fewer emissions into the air. This is a project that allows to increase the export potential of our region, and a pledge of stable development of the economy. We are very grateful for this project of “NIBULON”. Expect to increase capacity,” – said Bondarenko. According to him, the region intends to create conditions so that the company has put up no less than 4 of the same terminal.

The head of regional Council Svyatoslav Oliynyk added that the local authorities are grateful to “NIBULON” for the social projects that the company undertakes. “Except that there will be people, we will receive an additional infrastructure that is associated with the territory. Special thanks for this. I would like to thank you for this example on behalf of a DePuy corps and the local and regional level because it is a unique example of interaction between society and business, when everyone is happy with the result,” – said Oleynik.

General Director JSC JV “NIBULON”, Hero of Ukraine Oleksiy Vadaturskyy noted that the implementation of such a project in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the company was 12 years, but had not found understanding of the need for such investments by the local authorities. According to him, the new terminal is necessary first of all to the local farmers.

“I think we will organize an effective logistics in this region. We will do everything to ensure that the agricultural sector had a place to store grain, we will help you become the subjects of foreign economic relations, to be exporters, we have to connect with the global players, without intermediaries. We are ready to arrange foreign exchange contracts and this is an extra activity, extra income. We will make positive stress, we will be an example for the authorities,” – he stressed.

“For farmers, we as a guide as a translator from English into Ukrainian for business in the grain market. They will have the ability to communicate and to export grain contracts on foreign currency to any subjects of Egypt, Indonesia, China, etc. For them, this perspective opens the world. We as the gateway for them in world trade”, – Vadatursky added.

According to him, the company, despite the difficult epidemiological situation was possible to create conditions in which every day at the site which were in a special mode from 600 to 1500 builders. In addition, special working conditions and suppliers of equipment from Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, China.

“It was very difficult to do, but we did it. In addition, our company also repaired the capital of the Nikolaev regional infectious diseases hospital, we showed an example that even in these difficult times, our company has 7000 employees were working and I want to say that none of our people got sick”, – Vadatursky emphasized.

“There’s where we come in – there is civilization. Where we are – there transparent, clean, open taxes. More than 100 people will work, which is about UAH 5 million. in the local budget. This is a pretty big help to local authorities”, – said General Director of “NIBULON”.

The company was reminded that “NIBULON” since 2009, actively implements large-scale investment program, which revives the shipbuilding industry, develops navigation on inland waterways of Ukraine, is actively developing a network of transshipment terminals throughout Ukraine.

The construction of river transshipment terminal in the village Maryanskaya was supported by a permanent international financial partners “NIBULON” – the European investment Bank, European Bank for reconstruction and development and International Finance Corporation.

Thus one of the key obstacles to the development of the river industry is the lack of a unified approach to the reform of the system of river transport, which would be laid down in the relevant law. During events to mark the opening of the transshipment terminal of “NIBULON” infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley promised that in the session hall will be introduced this bill on inland water transport which will develop investor and to feel the support of the state. He expressed confidence that the discrepancies in respect of which there is an ongoing dialogue among market participants and legislators will be finding a common denominator that will contribute to the development of transportation and increase the financing industry.

"Нибулон" запустил новый терминал на Днепропетровщине

"Нибулон" запустил новый терминал на Днепропетровщине

"Нибулон" запустил новый терминал на Днепропетровщине

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