Night sugar drop in diabetics can be a cause of death in the dream

Ночное падение сахара у диабетиков может быть причиной смерти во сне

In patients with diabetes during a night’s sleep the blood sugar often drops to very low levels. This fact, scientists associated with high risk of death.

The study, researchers from the University of Sheffield shows that among diabetics is quite often nocturnal episodes of hypoglycemia, the fall of sugar. According to experts, for the hours that people with diabetes spend in sleep, their glucose levels can decrease to very low levels. This, in turn, affects the heart, significantly slowing down the rate and thus increasing the risk of death.

Moreover, the researchers noted, to such nocturnal phenomena sugars can lead themselves therapies aimed at combating high levels of glucose in the blood of patients-diabetics.

In the project scientists participated a group of volunteers who had type 2 diabetes and treated with insulin. All participants were controlled with the help of portable devices for monitoring glucose and heart. This observation has allowed to establish that diabetics frequent nocturnal fall of blood sugar, and it goes unnoticed by people. Meanwhile, scientists said, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can cause potentially dangerous changes in heart rate, increase the probability of death in a dream.

“In those night hours when he fell down the sugar level in the blood, the risk of slow heart rate was eight times higher. Other types of abnormal heartbeats (arrhythmias) was also significantly higher at night when blood sugar level of patients was low. These results explain why some seemingly healthy people with diabetes die in their sleep for no apparent reason,” said the study authors.