“Nightingale”: the mass evacuation from the East coast

"Флоренс": массовая эвакуация с восточного побережья

People on the East coast of the United States in droves evacuated inland, fleeing from the inexorably approaching hurricane Florence. To prevent congestion, traffic on the highways of the southeastern United States is open to the West.

The government has urged people not to delay evacuation. Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina: “the Time for evacuation is running out. At some point, escape routes closed, and rescuers will not be able to help as they will hide in the shelter”.

The hurricane weakened to the second category out of five, but it still is a deadly danger. Currently, the hurricane is a few hundred kilometers from the coast of South Carolina. At the center of the cyclone the wind speed reaches 175 km in h to Predict the exact direction of its movement difficult. A lot of people from the coast are hoping that a hurricane will pass by their homes and therefore refuse evacuation.

Scott Perkins, a resident of Virginia: “We are trying to prepare enough food, water, batteries, radio, medicines that we and our animals were able to survive the elements safe.”

A warning to evacuate received a million 700 thousand inhabitants of South Carolina and Virginia. Just in the area with a high danger level is home to 5 million people.

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