Nikolay Baskov has supported a starving actor

Николай Басков поддержал голодающего актера

Former husband of Tatiana Arntgolts decided to forgo food in the preventive purposes.

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“Golden voice of Russia” Nikolay Baskov was supported by actor Ivan Zhidkova, who decided to practice fasting treatment in the Altai mountains. The singer commented in a Network the decision of the artist, who has refused food for a whole week, according to “the Source”.

As the newspaper notes, the liquid is now hungry in a specialized centre under medical supervision in a two-week room. One week of living there is 77 thousand. A 14-day starvation in the room will cost 182 thousand.

Fans of Ivan speaking to his idol with the words of support and sympathy: how can you refuse food? Probably the Basques decided not to stand aside, giving the actor support.

“Cool, done”, – quotes the source of the statement of the singer.

Ivan admitted that in three days he managed to lose four kilograms. The mountain and the surrounding nature not only cleanses the body but also brings him great joy. Rumor has it that the Jews gave for their diet for about 1 million rubles. During his stay in Altai Ivan lost weight and got younger, more fit.

Zhdanov said that bad habits become the main host of a person, preventing him to live a full life. But the most important factor influencing its quality – health, family and goals.

Earlier, the chef Bogdan Parinov said that the secret of diet Alla Pugacheva is in small portions and the rejection of desserts. The singer also does not forget about fish, fruit and vegetables. For Breakfast the prima Donna always serves coffee.