Nikopol residents in shock from the man-the executioner

Жители Никополя в шоке от мужчины-палача

In Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region ex-convict years terrorizing his own mother regularly beating and leaving her without any means of livelihood.

Neither the neighbors nor the victim cannot force the police to pay attention to the crazed tyrant. This was reported by the neighbor to the victim’s mother Irina Pugach in Facebook-community “Typical of Nikopol”.

According to the author, after his release from prison, a man settled in the apartment of the mother. For what citizen was incarcerated is unknown, however, it is noted that in places of imprisonment, he spent 21 years. Now he is a “parasite” by a mother who is forced to give his son not only his entire pension, but the money earned additionally. The man, meanwhile, leads a dissolute life, and abuses drugs and booze. Mother’s apartment turned into a brothel, and the mother – in punching bag.

“Son, meanwhile, goes walking, not running, drinking, and when he comes home, picks up the latest products. The mother was beaten repeatedly, she went with a concussion, and fractures,” wrote Pugach.

As the neighbour said, over the years, the victim has filed more than 40 complaints to the police. Appealed to law enforcement agencies and concerned neighbors, but they stubbornly continue to ignore the problem family. In the comments under the post, many people recommend to tell about your problem on television, and some expressed willingness to arrange mob killings over the tormentor.