Nimchenko explained, did smartly the right to agree to go to Moscow

Нимченко уточнил, имел ли Бойко право ехать договариваться в Москву

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Oppositional platform For life” Vasily Nimchenko told about the purpose of the visit of the founder of the party Yuriy Boyko and the head of the political Council of the party of Viktor Medvedchuk in Moscow. He told about it in the air adrenaline talk show “Confrontation” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

The MP stressed that Ukraine “is going into the abyss” and has reached “rock bottom, which knock the bottom”. In such circumstances, you need to act to avoid collapse.

“Honor, life and health of citizens should be the basis of the activities of the state… the Right candidate – to do so, to meet the demands of the people. The only legal basis to which they were guided, – 17 article, which says that the protection of gazbezopasnost and ekonompaneli is a matter for the state and all Ukrainian people”, – said Nimchenko.

The MP also said that the negotiations “moved cornerstone.”

“The basis (of the talks – ed.) force majeure. It is necessary to seek a solution,” he added.