Nine major news and 19:00 on 25 March

Девять главных новостей Украины и мира на 19:00 25 марта

25.03.2020, 19:00


Every day at 19:00 publishes main news of the day. Nothing extra – only the important

1. THE CABINET EXTENDED THE QUARANTINE AND IMPOSED A STATE OF EMERGENCY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Quarantine measures and emergency mode will last until April 24. The decision was made due to the continuing deterioration of the situation with coronavirus (read more).

2. THE CABINET CREATES A THINK-TANK TO RESPOND TO THE CRISIS. There will analysts and biznesmeny. His task: develop a long-term strategy of development of Ukraine in conditions of global economic instability. The platform has joined a number of analytical centers, for example, the Razumkov Center (read more).

3. SN MPS URGED TO SUPPORT “ANDIKALOVSKY” LAW. Under appeal signed by about 20 members. The law, if passed, will make it impossible to return PrivatBank Kolomoisky. According to the signatories, today the adoption of the law – “the only chance for Ukraine to obtain a loan from the IMF and avoid default” (read more).

4. GOOGLE HAS ALLOCATED $550 000 TO THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH FOR A INFORMATION CAMPAIGN ABOUT COVID-19. This will allow users to search the service first to obtain reliable and relevant information, instructions and recommendations on the situation with coronavirus. Users are less likely to switch to unreliable sources (read more).

5. EX-FOREIGN MINISTER LEONID KOZHARA WAS ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF MURDER. Earlier in his home from a gunshot wound killed the ex-Director of the inter TV channel Sergey Staritsky. According to Gerashchenko, the investigators came to the conclusion that he could not shoot himself (more).

6. UNEMPLOYED UKRAINIANS BECAUSE OF THE QUARANTINE WILL PRESCRIBE SUBSIDIES. To receive payments you must register with the employment service. This can be done online. The period of quarantine will increase subsidies to pay for “communal” in an average of 300 UAH. The mechanism will work after the adoption by Parliament of the law on Stabilization Fund (read more).

7. THE MAJORITY OF UKRAINIANS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE THE QUARANTINE FOR OVER A MONTH. According to the survey Gradus, from 15.5% of respondents have enough money for a month, at 5.7% for three weeks, at 16.8 per cent – for two weeks, from 12.1 percent one week and 6.9 percent for a few days or less (read more).

8. THE IMF CALLED THE CONSEQUENCES OF DEFAULT FOR UKRAINE. They believe that a default may cause the devaluation of the hryvnia, inflation, bankruptcy, empty shops, raids on banks, social protests, street violence and looting, as well as international isolation (read more).

9. FITCH HAS DOWNGRADED THE OUTLOOK FOR UKRAINIAN BANKS. Analysts believe that the economic pressure due to the spread of coronavirus and the reduction in oil prices is a negative factor for Ukrainian banks. This may lead to negative rating actions (read more).