Nissan explained the failure of the vertical tablets in the cabin

Nissan объяснил отказ от вертикальных планшетов в салоне

The Japanese company told about advantages of a horizontal screen infotainment systems on the example of the concept of Ariya.

Nissan is not going in accordance with the current trends to introduce into your cars infotainment systems with a vertical tablet. The Japanese see the advantage of horizontal screens. The automaker said about the strengths of this scheme on the example of the concept of Ariya.

From the interior of the vehicle located a horizontal curved display, its form reminiscent of the wave that is in harmony with the other elements of the interior. In addition, people better perceive information when the surveillance object is oriented horizontally – similar to peripheral vision.

Plus, the information is displayed in the safe zone, standing in one line with the eyes of a driver looking at the road. Thus, all the data fall in the area where the traditional car is the dashboard. The display is divided into two independent screen, but information can be “pushed” by moving her from one to another that creates the effect of a single monitor.

Crossover Nissan Ariya was submitted at the end of 2019 at the Tokyo motor show. The car is equipped with two electric motors, transmitting traction on all wheels. The concept has received the semi-automatic control system: a radar sensor and other sensors help the concept Ariya “read” road conditions and infotainment system visualizes things not visible to the driver. Earlier, representatives of the Japanese brand said that the model should appear on sale in Russia.

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