Nissan explains why the GT-R to be a survivor is good

Nissan объяснила, почему для GT-R быть долгожителем - это хорошо

It turns out that 13-year-old age of the supercar provides him a distinct advantage over competitors.

The current generation GT-R debuted in 2007 in the framework of the Tokyo motor show, and since then, the supercar, in fact, survived only a few not very significant restyling. However, even at the start, the engineers have supplied the GT-R is quite a serious motor, the characteristics of which allow him now to look more or less confident.

And yet the age of the current generation of the supercar by the standards of the industry should already be considered old. However, as has declared to the edition Roadshow General Manager Nissan product Hiroshi Tamura, a famous fan of the line GT-R, this fact, among other things, provides customers with “getera” direct benefit.

The lack of major changes in the design of the supercar allows the manufacturer to keep the cost of the GT-R is quite low compared to competitors level. For example, in U.S. 570 HP supercar can be purchased for 113 $ 540, while the Porsche Turbo S with engine capacity of 580 HP is estimated in the base 190 $ 700 without taxes and shipping cost. The word “charged” Nissan GT-R Nismo is about the same.