Nissan has announced a special pickup to patrol national parks

Nissan анонсировал специальный пикап для патрулирования национальных парков

The concept called the Ultimate Titan will be built in the full-size Titan pickup truck.

The project Titan pickup Ultimate is being developed with the support of the national Park Foundation (NPF), the official charity of the national Park Service and its 418 of the national parks. Teaser concept the company showed in Earth Day, celebrated in more than 190 countries on April 22. This year one of the events held in the framework of the celebration, was associated with the automotive industry.

The car is equipped with metal lockable compartments. No technical information about the new company not provided. Not named and the exact date of the premiere of the concept of Ultimate Titan. Presumably this will happen in the coming weeks. In all likelihood, a special pickup is a one-off project and not going.

Over the past few years Nissan has made several pickups Ultimate Titan. In early March, the company introduced the Nissan Titan Ultimate Work, which was built in cooperation with contractors and volunteers, Habitat for Humanity. The challenge invited participants of the project was to verify the conformity of the truck to their professional needs. Ultimate Work, Titan was to have off-road abilities have on Board mobile office, spacious bed, lockable storage and a place for the stairs.