Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero. What is common

Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero. Что общего

The car brands Nissan and Mitsubishi almost always been direct competitors.

In the course of the study, which was attended by various representatives of the lineup of these manufacturers, compared the various characteristics, the design of the interior, and internal filling.

Compare companies. To date, Nissan has placed on the 7th place of the rating of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. The model range of the brand contains a different car directions: trucks, sport or off-road and sedan. In addition to building cars, the task of the engineering Department of the company was the design and production of missiles, engines and launchers.

Mitsubishi, in turn, is a community of companies, activity of which varies on a regular basis. Development of projects and manufacture of machinery represents the scope of activities of division of Mitsubishi Motors. It’s a huge company, which in 2020 will celebrate 150 years since the Foundation. The first area of operation was the development of models of aircraft and engines for them.

The results will enable to understand which of the models being tested can deservedly wear the title of best and which are legally located on the high places in various ratings.

Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero 2014 model year. Despite the fact that these two SUV’s have a frame structure, and belonging to the same class of vehicles – SUV, there are a considerable number of applicants through the process of their comparison. Patrol belongs to the class of K3, Pajero – class K1.

The debut model Nissan Patrol after the restyling took place in 2013. This version, in spite of the renovation, almost got the changes. It remains the largest SUV segment as well as its dimensions 5160 x 1990 x 1940 slightly larger than the size of the Pajero, although it is after the facelift a year later was also slightly increased in size, which amounted to 4900 x 1875 x 1870 mm.

The distinctive features of both cars are a massive body, strong front bumper and the ribs.

Interior. Despite the fact that the appearance of the Patrol is pretty strict inside this luxury vehicle is visible at first sight. The complete absence of cost-effective options plastic seat upholstery made of genuine leather. For armrests used only eco-leather. Also the good quality of the car has become a convenient torpedo.

Drive. Officially these vehicles are presented as a SUV with all wheel drive. In fact, so they can hardly call. Despite the fact that the Patrol model is mounted on a full frame, it’s a car with rear wheel drive. All-wheel drive, where it connects with electronic clutch that transmits torque in the proportion of 50 to 50.

On Patrol was installed an independent suspension type spring type on all wheels, and the availability of step-down gear allows travel on any road. Pajero is also equipped with four-wheel drive transmission 4WD, which the company produces itself.

Powerplant. For installation on Patrol was selected the turbo-diesel 3.2-liter, whose power is 200 HP Pajero has a complete set of 5, 8-liter V8, whose power is 405 BHP

Summary. During field testing, the car showed almost the same settings, but in heavy off-road Pajero on the head exceeded his opponent.

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Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero. Что общего

Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero. Что общего

Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero. Что общего

Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero. Что общего