Nissan Qashqai named best car for city drivers

Nissan Qashqai назвали лучшим автомобилем для городских водителей

Nissan Qashqai received the title of “Best car for city drivers” (Best Car for City Drivers) in 2020 according to the publication AutoTrader.

Unlike some other automotive contests, winners AutoTrader New Car Awards will be decided by the British public – car buyers. Thus, the owners of the celebrated models that they consider to be the best on the market today. To recognize Nissan Qashqai “Best car for urban drivers,” voted 9000 owners of these crossovers.

In the words of Erin Baker (Erin Baker), editor-in-chief AutoTrader: “the Nissan Qashqai won the award in a very tough competition. For urban drivers important operating costs, and here the car proved excellent. Thanks to its unbeatable combination of reliability, roominess and comfort, the Qashqai is the undisputed winner.”

Managing Director Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. Andrew Humberstone (Humberstone Andrew) adds: “The Nissan Qashqai is the formula of victory, which from day one was the leader on the British market crossovers. And we don’t think in near future something will change. We are pleased to receive this award, not only because the crossover is recognized as the perfect car for urban drivers, but also because he was voted by thousands of owners. These people trust Nissan, and confident in their purchasing decisions is very important for us.”

Since then, in 2007, Nissan released the Qashqai of the first generation, which became the pioneer of the crossover segment, this model remains the market leader. This is due to the combination of advantages Qashqai SUV (practicality and attractive design) with the qualities of the hatchback (efficiency and good dynamic characteristics).