Nissan resumed production of engine components for the Skyline GT-R

Nissan возобновил производство компонентов двигателя для Skyline GT-R

In the framework of the Nismo Heritage, Nissan has resumed production of the individual components of the RB26DET engine, which was mounted on three generations of Skyline GT-R. Kratovil (“motor out of the box”, ready to install) option the company offers for a long time, now the buyers can assemble the motor by yourself.

In the list of available components: cylinder block and head, crankshaft, gaskets, pistons, rods, exhaust system, fuel pump Assembly, wiring and much more. The cylinder block is available in two versions: basic for $ 1,500 and enhanced N1 for 3800 dollars. The latter is only designed for installation in the model, R33 and R34.

Nissan has launched the Nismo Heritage Parts in 2017. It was originally designed to produce components for the Skyline GT-R R32. Later the company expanded its action on R33 and R34. In addition to the engines, in the catalog Nismo Heritage Parts are body panels and wiper motor for all three generations of the sports car.

Engine RB26DET set Nissan Skyline GT-R from 1989 to 2002. The 2.6-liter unit was equipped with two turbochargers with ceramic impellers and gave out 280 horsepower. Version with block N1 featured improved cooling, increased exhaust manifold and blower with steel impeller.