Nissan vs tablets: disclosed details about the display Ariya

Nissan против планшетов: раскрыты подробности о дисплее Ariya

The driver’s interface of the electric vehicle inspired by the movie “Space Odyssey 2001”.

Pre-production prototype we showed last fall, and now the manufacturer revealed details about the new interior.

In Nissan speak, that specifically did not provide a large car, similar to a tablet computer, a touchscreen infotainment complex, as in the development of “Aria” was not thinking about trends, and about the integrity of the design and the convenience of the driver. So the SUV got a curved display with two screens, in the shape of a wave. Thus the horizontal orientation of the interface “man-machine” sets the tone for the interior.

Corporate language automaker this style is called “Japanese futurism, timeless”. According to the same principles, the designers painted the “face” of a crossover with a blank panel instead of traditional grille.

When designing the interior of Nissan Ariya its creators came from the fact that the driver’s eyes move from side to side in a horizontal plane and, accordingly, the information will be better understood, if the object of observation also is oriented horizontally. Output is to the line of sight closer to the road – making driving safer. Inscribed in the curved bar screens and devices multimedia are configured, for example, to move the navigation bar to the steering wheel, but something quite unnecessary to remove.

Nissan claim that the source of inspiration for the creation of undulating screen Ariya was “Space Odyssey 2001” – the cult movie of Stanley Kubrick, which had a huge impact on fiction and cinema. While in the development stage designers have built in a big, black “box” with several options of displays, and in the end settled on the most appropriate.

Technical details about the “Aria” still a little. It is known that the basis of the crossover has served the new platform CMF-EV, jointly developed by Renault specifically for electric vehicles. The complete drive is implemented through the installation of a separate electric motor on each axle – as in all such models. Premiere of the production version was to be held before the end of this year, but we don’t know how these plans will affect the current situation with coronavirus.