Nizhny Novgorod children’s clinical hospital №1 celebrates anniversary

Нижегородская детская клиническая больница №1 отмечает юбилей

80th anniversary of the founding of the clinic said on 29 November in Nizhny Novgorod theatre of the young spectator

Annually to the hospital for help turning 22 thousand parents of young patients for emergency medical care. 11 thousand young residents of Nizhny Novgorod every year undergo treatment here, about a thousand of them is a newborn child.

Every year at children’s city clinical hospital No. 1, more than three thousand operations, this indicators is that 95% of them specialists perform the most advanced and high-tech equipment.

These same specialists work in the dental clinic 110 of the total number of employees 482 people,

63 the doctor are of the first category, ten are candidates of medical Sciences, three have the title of excellent health.

The hospital accepts young patients, placing them on 237 beds, a dozen of which are in offices of reanimation and intensive therapy.

Also as part of a multidisciplinary clinical hospital № 1 can be called:

  • Department of anesthesiology and intensive care,
  • clinical and diagnostic Department,
  • neurological Department,
  • ENT Department,
  • two of the pathology of newborns and premature babies,
  • two pediatric ward,
  • the Department of reanimation and intensive therapy,
  • x-ray Department,
  • trauma Department,
  • Department of ultrasonic diagnosis,
  • physiotherapy Department,
  • the Department of functional diagnostics,
  • surgery,
  • office endoscopy.