Nizhny Novgorod fashion week attracted more than 300 designers, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers

Нижегородская неделя моды собрала более 300 дизайнеров, модельеров и производителей одежды

Fashion week held Nizhny Novgorod regional branch of the Union of Designers of Russia jointly with the enterprises of light industry of the region with the support of the regional government.

The business part of the program has attracted about 300 participants.

In the framework of the fashion week held also a competition, which, in accordance with the name of the fashion week, which featured the doll, called “the Search for a new national style. Modern interpretations of folk art and crafts, crafts, crafts, national ornaments and images of historical and cultural themes of Russia.”

The contest received hundreds of applications from designers, fashion designers, shops and producers of clothing and accessories, textile, interior, furniture, consumer goods received around a hundred applications.

Reached the final 15 contestants from Kirov, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Petrozavodsk and Sarov. They took part in the final gala show in the main hall of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, which has become the main event of fashion week.

The winners of the Grand Prix of the contest were designer Eugene Medvedkov, joined forces with the masters “Zolotaya embroidery” from Nizhny Novgorod. A trip to the Boardwalk of the Russian fashion in Milan was won by the owners of Lada&Liza from the factory “Khokhloma” from the city of Semenov of Nizhny Novgorod region: Khokhloma appeared here.

A trip to a competition of designers “Pisa-fashion days” in Rome was won by the artist Violetta Langas, and first place in the nomination “Urban environment” received designer Alexander Algarin and club marketers from the city of Kirov. In the nomination “interior” the first prize was awarded to master Sergey Zakharov.

The winners are also owners of branded figurines factory “Kazakovo filigree”, diplomas and other gifts from the partners of fashion week “Matryoshka-fashion-week”.

– Due to the fact that the round table was able to gather all the participants of the fashion industry – designers, manufacturers, marketers, representatives of retail, FMCG and government bodies, the conversation was informative and useful for each side. From the speech of the speakers was able to learn about new opportunities, which gives us access to Moscow and sled-Petersburg, and also to discuss the problems facing the sector of light industry, to new approaches to brand promotion on the Russian market,

– said the owner of the factory and the brand “Fors” Irina Maneva.